December 2022

  • After 6 years of working in the CCC group, Dr. Elisa Murillo has graduated with their PhD and is leveling up as an NCAR Postdoc. The CCC group is thankful for Dr. Murillo’s wide-reaching contributions over the years and wishes them the best as they make this important career transition!

August 2022

  • A new paper led by CCC graduate student Emily Tinney and motivated by early work from past REU student Lexy Elizalde was accepted for publication in Monthly Weather Review. A modern approach to stability-based definition of the tropopause is sure to have wide-reaching and long-lasting impacts in the atmospheric sciences. LINK
  • A new paper led by CCC graduate student Elisa Murillo was accepted for publication in the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. The reasons behind why many above-anvil cirrus plumes are warm and others are cold are elucidated using a combination of satellite imagery, radar volumes, and storm environments. LINK

July 2022

  • As of July 11, the second and final deployment of DCOTSS is complete. As a result, real-time radar and satellite overshooting products have been discontinued.