July 2020

  • Dr. Homeyer was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma! Thank you to all who have supported him during the past 6+ years! 🙂

April 2020

  • Two projects with CCC leadership and/or involvement were recently selected for funding – one for development of a deep learning approach to above-anvil cirrus plume detection using high-resolution satellite imagery and supplemental datasets (NASA) and the other for machine learning work on 0-3 hour tornado prediction using convection allowing model output and GridRad data (NOAA)!
  • COVID-19 has interrupted many planned activities for the CCC group, but we are moving forward with sharing our completed research with the community. Two recent papers accepted for publication summarize findings from key projects the CCC group has worked on for the past several years:
    1. Understanding the mechanisms behind transport of stratospheric air around (beneath) the anvil cloud edges of convection reaching the tropopause (Phoenix et al. 2020, see Publications page).
    2. Diagnosing longitudinal variations in historical and future trends of the edge of the tropics in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (Martin et al. 2020, see Publications page).

February 2020

  • Several papers published on Hurricane Harvey, extratropical cyclones, and hail. Check them out on the Publications page!