*Indicates CCC student author. All CCC authors denoted in bold text.

In Preparation

  • Murphy, A. M.*, and C. R. Homeyer, ????: Comparison of Radar-Observed Tornadic and Nontornadic MCS Cells using Probability Matched Means, to be submitted early 2023
  • Auth, R. M.*, and C. R. Homeyer, ????: Targeted Balloon Observations of Stratosphere-to-Troposphere Transport From a Mesoscale Convective System, to be submitted early 2023
  • Tinney, E. N.*, and C. R. Homeyer, ????: Occurrence, Sources, and Transport Characteristics of Observed Water Vapor Extrema in the Lower Stratosphere, to be submitted early 2023

Submitted (Under Review)

  • Homeyer, C. R., E. M. Murillo, and M. R. Kumjian, ????: Relationships Between 10 Years of Radar-Observed Supercell Characteristics and Hail Potential, submitted
  • Murphy, A. M.*, C. R. Homeyer, and K. Q. Allen*, ????: Development and Investigation of GridRad-Severe, a Multi-Year Severe Event Radar Database, submitted
  • Parsons, D. B., J. Chiappa, P. Bechtold, C. M. Bruce, I. Tsonevsky, A. K. Novak, and C. R. Homeyer, ????: The Characteristics of Errors in the Representation of the Interaction of Mesoscale Convective Systems with Rossby Waves in Simulations with Parameterized and Explicit Convection, submitted
  • Scarino, B., K. Itterly, K. Bedka, C. R. Homeyer, J. Allen, S. Bang, and D. Cecil, ????: Deriving Severe Hail Likelihood from Satellite Observations and Model Reanalysis Parameters using a Deep Neural Network, conditionally accepted